We believe in collaboration.

BWH was founded on the idea that when women support one another, magic happens. Naturally, we also believe in doing what we can to help share the stories of brands and causes we care about.

With a collective background in copywriting, social media management, business development and event planning, our team has a knack for brainstorming and curating fresh, creative content in an effort to spotlight fellow brands we support in ways that haven’t yet been explored. Whether through personalized content packages or collaborative events, we seek to push the boundaries of what a "partnership" can be.


We're storytellers at heart.

We believe in the power of the written word, and in using that power to share authentic stories worth telling. We view each partnership opportunity as a challenge — and a responsibility — to dive in deep and scoop up the nitty gritty details about what makes a brand, product or service so special.

Our social media speaks for itself.

Straight up: if you’re not utilizing social media as a primary marketing tool, you’re falling behind. Fortunately, it’s kind of our thing — and our growing audience of over 20k+ followers (across the board) can vouch for us.

By constantly working to both refine and commit to our brand values and intentions, we’ve built our own platforms quickly and organically with industry-crushing metrics to show for it. Curating unique, authentic social media content that creatively spotlights other brands is one of our favorite ways to collaborate. 

Email us and let’s talk social posts — stories, giveaways, creative campaigns, styled photo shoots and everything in-between.

Our network is strong as hell (and we throw great parties.)

At the end of the day, off-screen/in-person camaraderie and connection is what it’s all about for us. Creating brand-focused memories and experiences with our community alongside other companies we care about? That's the dream.

From intimate and educational whisky tastings with Glenfiddich, to our community-focused annual holiday soiree, to brewery bashes and networking meetups with our favorite local businesses, our collaborative events are meticulously planned and executed with the intent of showcasing companies we care about through an empowering, impactful lens.

Our current partners:

Over the past two years, we have been so incredibly fortunate to form partnerships with some of the companies that we've loved since long before the idea for BWH even existed. From event and affiliate sponsors to sponsored online content and beyond, these collaborations allow us to connect you with the brands who have inspired us along the way.

When you shop with these companies using our links or discount codes, a small portion of your purchase is returned back to us, so we can continue to roll out awesome new things for you. Of course, we only promote brands and products we genuinely stand behind and believe you will enjoy (and we try our best to focus on women-owned brands, because duh.)

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Let's do this thing. 

Interested in learning more about collaborating with us to promote your brand, product or service? Drop us a line. If we feel like it's a good fit, we'll email you to set up a meeting, which in our world, is pretty much a coffee date.