A message to our sponsors:

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the future of Babes Who HustleWithout the endless encouragement we've received from people like you, BWH would still be the pipe dream that I didn't even know I had. What started organically as a happy accident is rapidly becoming a global movement, and I would love nothing more than for you to become a part of it as we continue to evolve and grow. 

Since September of 2016, Babes Who Hustle has garnered readership and contributions from supporters on all seven continents and over 170 countries, received national attention from publications like theSkimm and the Elvis Duran & The Morning Show, and partnered with handfuls of local and global businesses. As each day passes and more BWH content is created, contributed and shared, I realize that this movement is undoubtedly what I am supposed to be doing. As cliche as it sounds, it really does feel like a piece of me that I've always been looking for. 

Over the past 17+ months, we've interviewed women from a variety of careers and professional ventures, but more importantly cultures, political standpoints, religions, and perspectives. Amidst such a scary and confusing world, our team and community has found solace in banding together with women from all walks of life in pursuit of one common goal: to be successful in whatever we're doing to make a living, and supporting each other in the process.

In partnership with contributors from around the world, Babes Who Hustle is designed and owned solely by myself, but our team continues to grow, and is currently comprised of a creative director, an editor, and an intern. Together, the four of us pitch and conduct interviews, run + monitor our social media platforms (with a following of over 20k) spearhead a team of 15+ contributing writers, pack and ship merchandise nationwide, publish to our website 3x weekly, distribute a weekly e-newsletter, host monthly meetups and quarterly large-scale events, consistently participate in advertising and business partnerships, and attend community and philanthropic events —  in addition to our respective full-time jobs. Babes Who Hustle is a labor of love, and we do it because it's what we're passionate about.

Please join us in putting aside our reservations and lifting each other up for the strong, intelligent, ambitious and successful women that we are. Our world desperately needs to find a way to come together, and this is our [small] way of helping to make that happen. 

Any form of donation you can manage to give is so incredibly appreciated — we cannot stress it enough. If you are unable to donate financially at this time, there are a number of additional ways we would appreciate your support. By continuing to share our articles with friends and family both on and offline, by shopping in our online store, by joining our email newsletter family, by contributing your stories, by nominating babes and by following along with us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, you will be actively contributing to our growth more than you even realize. 

"Thank you" will never be enough,

Chelsea DuDeVoire