ISO: Babes Who Write

With help from our team of regular contributing writers as well as submissions from people like you, we publish several weekly editorial pieces focused on what it means to be a woman in the workplace from various perspectives and experiences. Our eyes are always peeled (and our inbox is always waiting) for women with career-related stories that deserve to be told.

Don't consider yourself a "'writer?" That doesn't mean your story doesn't exist, and we encourage you to take a stab at pitching it anyway. If selected, we promise it will be in good hands with our team of content developers. (They're pretty great, if we do say so ourselves.)

Interested in staying anonymous for publication? That's totally cool with us and we've done it before.


Stuff we look for:

Unique, creative (and grammatically correct!) narratives pertaining to being a woman in the workplace and what that personally means to you. Tell us your tried-and-true interview tips, your unemployed year from hell, how you built your empire, how to write a cover letter, or the self-care routine that keeps you hustling every day. Bonus points: LGBTQ+ perspectives, pieces that make us ROFL, and pieces that make us cry. Dive in, get deep, and scoop up the nitty gritty moments and milestones that make your hustle so damn special.

Stuff that just isn't for us:

Negativity, subliminal advertising and plugs, listables, business/company takedowns, vagueness, shallow language, the same story we’ve read a million times.

For questions and submissions:

Email us using subject line "BWH Story Pitch" along with any relevant writing samples and give us your story idea(s) in a few sentences. If you've previously written a piece that you think would be good fit for us to republish and/or repurpose, send it along! If you want send over a piece without getting your idea approved beforehand because you're just a hustlin' babe, go for it. The world is your oyster.


We reserve the right to edit your work as we see fit. For as much as we encourage a variety of topics and writing styles, we also want to ensure that the pieces we choose fit well with our overall brand messaging and tone of voice. With that said, we wish we could share each and every story that reaches our inbox, but please be aware that not every submittal will be guaranteed final publication.

We can't wait to hear your story.