Misha is a filmmaker by day and a creative by always. From acting to producing to directing, her career (and life) are wholeheartedly dedicated to telling stories, and telling them well. We loved learning about the exciting career stage she's currently submerged in, and we're inspired by the confident babe she’s blossoming into as well as the world she’s helping to create for future women in film + beyond. Thanks for chatting with us Misha; you're a babe (and a future international media mogul, in our humble opinion.)

BABE #122: BETH BUTTON JACKSON, Assistant Principal

Today's Babe somehow manages to really do it all. Confidence, discipline, and energy are tangible in everything she does - whether it’s waking up at 5 a.m. to teach a yoga class, directing educators and students as an elementary school assistant principal by day, or taking classes and studying for her Doctorate to further her own education by night.