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All The Things I'm NOT Doing in 2019

All The Things I'm NOT Doing in 2019

Written by Ashleigh Kluck


At the end of every year, people from all over the world start writing out goals for the next 365 days. Typical resolutions include: lose 10 pounds, get a promotion, start a business, etc. Sometimes these resolutions are the same recycled plans set the year before. I’ve never been a fan of making plans that could easily fall apart because they weren’t realistic. Most New Year’s resolutions are rushed, done in a panic because “it has to get done this year.” Instead of putting pressure on myself to accomplish a list of resolutions, I’m writing out a list of everything I’m not going to do. (You could say it’s resolutions in reverse.) Instead of adding to my ever growing to-do list, I’m kicking a few things to the curb. Below is a sneak peek into my list of things I’m not going to do in 2019:

1. I’m not going to spend all my creative energy building a business

Since the family business closed in early 2017, I’ve been so focused on building my business that I spend all my creative energy doing just that. Spending that much energy on work doesn’t leave room for many hobbies, if any. Any time I’ve picked up a new “hobby,” it’s turned into a business or a nice addition to my resume. While both of those are important as a creative entrepreneur, I’ve realized not every skill has to be sold. Some hobbies should stay hobbies, done because they bring you pure joy—not a paycheck.

2. I’m not going to spend so much of my “off time” scrolling

You’ve probably received the same screen-time notifications I have. When I wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing I reach for. Any time a commercial comes on, it’s what I use to distract me for a (whopping) three minutes. So, instead of picking up my phone every chance I get, in 2019 I’ll pick up my journal or a new book. Maybe I’ll listen to a podcast or take a walk. At dinner with my husband, I’ll leave my phone in my purse. I’m pushing for less scrolling and more IRL experiences.

3. I’m not going to try to do “all the things” by myself

For years I’ve had this dream of building a business, from the ground-up, without help from others. I wanted to do the work and wear the “I did this alone” badge proudly. But the truth is, we all need support in some way or another. This year, I’m not going to sit around wondering if I’m headed in the right direction. I’m going to reach out, find my sounding boards and get involved in communities that inspire me. I’m acknowledging that reaching out for help doesn’t make me any less worthy of success.

4. I’m not going to complain when the situation is in my control

I can’t stand in front of the mirror complaining about my love handles when I choose to sit on the couch eating a bag of Doritos instead of going to the gym. I can’t complain about an empty client calendar when I’m not reaching out, sending emails and asking for an opportunity. All of these (and more) are within my control. For whatever reason I choose not to act, I’m removing the option to complain about it to myself or anyone else. If I want a different outcome, I understand it’s up to me to get off my high horse and do something about it.

5. I’m not going to judge myself too harshly when I fail

When I fall flat on my face, I tend to overanalyze where I went wrong and speak hurtful words to myself. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not good at this area of business. You’re headed in the wrong direction. This isn’t productive or healthy. I’m not perfect, but I am enough. I’m learning when to acknowledge it’s time to try harder, and when it’s time to let go. Even when things don’t work out exactly the way I want them to, it doesn’t mean I’m any less. The time I spend overanalyzing could be better spent looking forward, even if that means adjusting my timeline.

6. I’m not going to work every single day

Something happened when I started working from home: I’ve fallen into the habit of taking no days off. Every single day I find something to work on that relates to my business. Even the days I force myself to keep my laptop closed, I find myself thinking about work. I’m not taking this mindset into 2019. I’m setting a regular work schedule, and my days off will be filled with doing things that bring me joy, with the people I love. There’s a time to hustle, and a time to reset.

7. I’m not going to miss out on fun for fear others might judge me

In November of 2017, I went on my first cruise. It was a seven-day Carnival cruise, and every day there was music, dancing and a cruise director who had to of been a professional hype man in his past life. Every day I wanted to join in on the fun and dance like the hundreds of others who were feeling the music (and frankly, the drinks)—but I didn’t. I stood on the sidelines of the deck and lived vicariously through them. I was afraid of what others would think of me. I let fear take control of that experience, and that’s not how I want to live. No longer will I be afraid to let loose, have fun and enjoy the magic around me. Catch me on our next cruise in June—living it up and dancing the night away with a fruity cocktail in hand.

This year I’m opening myself up to opportunities, asking for help when it’s needed and setting boundaries as to what (and who) I allow into my life. My to-do list is long enough, with goals that stretch out over the next 10 years. It’s time to do some “spring cleaning” and let some of those things go. Even if you’re the type of person who likes to make New Year’s resolutions, that’s OK! Consider adding a part B to that list.

Here’s to 2019—a year of personal and professional growth, boundaries, new hobbies, more IRL experiences—and more fun!

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Ashleigh is currently traveling the U.S. with her husband, Jake, while finishing her B.B.A. at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (cue grad cap toss in May 2019). She’s a content creator, social media manager, and blogger on all things business. When she’s not working, you can find her out exploring new cities with her husband or wandering around the office supply aisles of Target. Connect with her on the ‘gram

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