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Unplug + Recharge // Camp Out Yonder<br>*GIVEAWAY*

Unplug + Recharge // Camp Out Yonder

Written by Chelsea DuDeVoire

Matthew McIver

One of my favorite parts about running the BWH community for the past nine months (aside from the opportunity to meet and connect with a plethora of kickass babes with a variety of hustles from around the world) has been witnessing the opportunities that said babes have offered up to other members of the community. Whether by donations, exchanging motivation and advice, swapping networking contacts and job leads, providing their skill set in times of need, or creating a discount for their product or service, the selflessness and generosity I've witnessed between the folks in our community - especially those across the country from one another who have never met in person - has been incredible.

One of these opportunities that first comes to mind is a free ticket to Camp Out Yonder that was offered to us by one of the Babes in our community. Founded and launched by Nellie in 2016, Camp Out Yonder is a mindful, tech-free campout for adults. Located at the gate of the Sierra Nevada at Grizzly Creek Ranch in Portola, California, the 3-day, 2-night technology-free getaway includes a stay in a gender-preferred canvas tipi village, a camper field guide kit, fresh daily meals, wine, beer and snacks, restroom and shower facilities, and all analog programming. 

The camp activities include campfire lectures and music, analog workshops, hillside yoga and meditation, late night stargazing, photography hikes, and team building challenges. Campers can also enjoy board games, a make-your-own postcard station, an art and listening room, DIY aromatherapy, a book from the community library and a dip in the pool, et cetera. 


In addition to creating COY, Nellie is also the owner at Outsiders Hair Studio in Reno, NV. She's a mom and a yogi who loves reading and biking, and dreams of one day opening her own bed and breakfast in the woods.

Nellie's vision for Camp Out Yonder is fueled by the need to unplug. In a society completely run by our digital devices with an overwhelming emphasis on times, dates and schedules, she wanted to create a space where fellow adults could retreat to and recharge. "COY is about getting away from it all for a weekend in nature, and re-igniting human interaction along the way. The entire event is carefully curated to provide a go-at-your-own-pace schedule, relaxation, adventure, or a mixture of both," she says.

After interviewing Nellie in March, I was shocked and honored when she sent me an email offering me a spot at the camp for Memorial Day Weekend. But because I had prior arrangements and couldn't afford a flight from Florida to Reno at the time, I decided to make the best of the opportunity by doing a giveaway with the BWH community on our Instagram, and gifting the ticket to one of our loyal readers. 

Enter Jacquie, an Akron, Ohio resident who entered (and won!) our contest. In her entry, she told us that she was in the depths of going through a divorce, working on finishing up her Master's thesis and graduating after three years, and that she desperately needed to take a break from life and reconnect with herself. We were so excited to give her the opportunity to do just that.

Thanks to the wonderful power of technology and social media (pre-Camp Out Yonder, of course,) we were able to follow along with Jacquie's journey of traveling from Ohio to Reno before hopping on the shuttle to camp. It was her first time traveling solo, and we were so pumped to see that she set aside an extra day beforehand to explore Reno, and a couple of days after to visit Tahoe. The following is a snippet from the email we recieved after Jacquie returned home from her trip:

"After winning the giveaway, Chelsea connected me with Nellie, and the registration was simple! She then provided information about Reno and Tahoe and helped me coordinate travel to the camp location. Before leaving for camp, I was sent an introductory package with a packing list, a CD from the musician who would be joining us, stickers, and other goodies - all homemade. 

One of the best parts of camp was the people who attended. We were all there for a common purpose: to disconnect and recharge. In attendance was a musician, a manager for Yelp, a hair stylist, multiple entrepreneurs and a photographer, among others. Nellie was amazing and gave a personal touch to the camp: blankets for each of us, baskets with flashlights, water and activities, a book nook, finger paints, corn hole, fig bars, etc. We also got T-shirts, cameras and soaps made by one of the camp attendees! On the first night we listened to Leify Green during our fireside acoustic while we made s'mores. (When was the last time you made s'mores?!) On the second day, we tackled a 58’ rope tower, took a nature walk and learned about journaling. I loved all of it! I have never journaled before, so I was fascinated by what came out of me onto a simple piece of paper. While doing yoga on the final day, we were joined by a herd of deer.

The whole experience was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to take the chance to enter the contest. While at camp, I didn't take a single picture, post an Instagram story or text a friend about the experience - and I didn't want to leave. I could have stayed a week out there without my phone. When was the last time you had a conversation with someone and neither of you checked your phones, even once? Have you ever taken an entire weekend to remove yourself from all social media outlets? You do not know how freeing it is until you're 'forced' to give up technology for a weekend.

The next challenge is to carry what I learned from this experience into my daily life. I feel recharged and ready for the challenges I face. My family even told me I seemed happier, calmer and more confident when I came home. This may or may not be true, but all I know is that this was worth every moment and I would do it again! I cannot thank Babes Who Hustle enough for giving me this amazing gift and Nellie Davis and Camp Out Yonder for hosting the amazing event. It was worth traveling the country many times over!" -Jacquie.


Interested in attending the next Camp Out Yonder weekend (August 11-13, 2017)? You're in luck, because Nellie was generous enough to offer us ANOTHER ticket! Head to our Instagram post, follow the directions, and enter for your chance to win!

Thanks again to Nellie Davis + Camp Out Yonder for this opportunity, and to Jacquie for sharing her story and experience with us! We are so honored to be a part of this.

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