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7 Do-It-All Products for When You're Busy AF

7 Do-It-All Products for When You're Busy AF

Written by Carissa Simons + Edited by Chelsea DuDeVoire


Busy running meetings, busy perfecting your highlight, busy being extra — it's all part of the hustle. During the week, I'm always in a serious rush to get out the door, which means I'm constantly on the hunt for beauty products that make my life a little easier. 

I'm a morning person, but I don't like to spend too much time getting ready when I can be doing so many other things. If I can multi-task, even better. Any time I can call myself productive and mean it is a serious win. 

Enter the seven everyday beauty staples that make my mornings a little smoother - literally. Products that can deliver insane results and save you time while doing so? Sign. Me. Up.

Skepticism was my first instinct when I learned about this product, which claims to do three things at once. A deliciously smelling paste that promised to mask, exfoliate and cleanse the skin all in one step? I wasn't buying it. (And I didn't.)

I ended up receiving it as a sample, and one try was all it took for me to be completely hooked. I loved the fast results, and so did my skin. Hawaiian honey is the hero ingredient here, soothing chapped areas while removing dead skin. Because of it, my complexion was left brighter, softer and primed for makeup. No actual "cleanser" needed. A serious triple-threat that continues to save my ass on busy mornings.

I've tried so many different sheet masks—and if I'm being honest — I'll try any beauty products made in Korea, aka the skincare capital of the world. I wasn't too sure about this product at first, though, as its gel-like texture was super slick and made the application process difficult. I then learned that it's coated with a treatment serum for extra nourishment and hydration.

My dry skin can easily become dehydrated, so I'm constantly searching products to combat it. This mask delivered. I use it on Sunday nights when I know I'm about to have a crazy week, providing the beautiful luxury of skipping my morning foundation when I know I won't have the time. 

With just five pumps of this wizardry in the palm of my hand, I'm left with soft and smooth, slick-to-the touch-skin. I use this cleanser on mornings when I'm strapped for time and can't fully dive into my usual 10-step routine (I wish I were joking.)

Argan, camellia seed and castor oil make up the 3 main parts to this cleanser, guaranteeing intense moisture. An all-natural product best suited for normal to dry skin, I use cleanser this in place of fancy serums and face oils when I'm in a rush.

African Botanics

African Botanics

This one is easily my favorite physical exfoliant I've ever used. It's simple, natural and works. I only use this product once or twice a week and it cuts down my getting ready time by 10-15 minutes. It acts as a deep clean and leaves my skin brighter, so I don't need to fuss with as much makeup after.

I leave this in my shower and apply to my face and neck. The enzymes eat away at dead skin and the whole experience is just relaxing. Once I'm out, I'll quickly add moisturizer and eye cream, and I'm out the door. 

This is the magic powder that makes my skin feel new again. My favorite part about this mask is the work you have to put in for the payoff. For me, it's a labor of love. A mini whisk, mixing pot and custom face brush are three tools needed to create the mixture. It's like my own little science experiment.

After applying a thick layer to the skin and letting it settle and dry for 15 minutes, you'll simply wash it off with warm water. This will target pores and make future makeup application a breeze. #WorthIt. 

I'm all for this hydrating and refreshing face mist; it makes keeping my dry skin dewy an easy task. I keep this stocked on my skincare shelf and apply in-between each step of makeup application. Prime, spritz. Foundation, spritz. Concealer, spritz. Highlight, spritz. Et cetera. It sounds meticulous, but it keeps my makeup from caking and helps it last longer throughout the day. 

I keep this in my desk at work in case there happens to be any last minute happy hour plans and I'm forced to go out with 8 hour-old makeup. A few sprays, and I'm like new again. It's a real time-saver I could never bear a day without. 

When I just can't muster the time nor energy, this product does it all. Acting as a moisturizer for dry spots, soothing chapped lips, or a blush when blended with any lipstick—it gets the job done. It's my go-to matte highlight that can be applied on the go. Possibly my favorite trick of all is adding it on top of my eyelids for an effortless, all-natural, colorless dew.

This little gem never leaves my bag because you never know when you're going to snooze your alarm 5 times over and need a serious pick-me-up for your face in a pinch. A hustlin' babe's must-have. 





Carissa Simons
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