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Asking For a Friend | Chapter 44

Asking For a Friend | Chapter 44

Advice from Babe to Babe

Moving to a new city is hard (just ask our CEO, Chelsea). This week, the babes are here to help you through the tough parts of the transition, from meeting new clients to navigating new climates.


Coworking spaces. Everyone has heard of WeWork which is wonderful, but no one ever thinks of independent coworking labs and startup incubators, which are usually less expensive for membership and also offer great programming and networking events. I have moved to a completely new big city twice in the last twice years and have made most of my professional—and personal—connections this way.


Search for Facebook communities and Slack groups that pertain either to your vocation or personal interests. From there, create a post and say what you’re looking for, whether it’s friends or freelance opportunities. I’m part of a “My Favorite Murder” podcast fan group on Facebook called “Seattle Murderinos.” They have a monthly job board where people post opportunities, and a few times a week there’s a “I-just-moved-to-Seattle-and-need-some-friends-does-anyone-want-to-get-drinks post.” (On the professional side, I’m part of The Daily Carnage Facebook group and a marketers’ Slack, and similar conversations happen there all the time.


When I first moved to Jacksonville, I found all the people currently in my creative community on Instagram. Use the explore page to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to press “send” on a (tactful and) risky DM. Whether you’re seeking professional advice, looking for someone to co-work with, or asking around for the best drip coffee in town, those connections will help grow your foundation in a new city.



Take it slow! Like with moving into a new home, a new wardrobe is something that takes time. Focus on a few essentials—like a rain jacket or puffy jacket for freak storms, or an office sweater for crazy AC—but slowly update your wardrobe as the seasons start to change and you settle in. You’ll also be able to notice how other people dress in the new place. The North Face headquarters is moving to Denver next month too, so you might see a lot more outdoors gear in your new town than you’re used to. Take the time to learn how you fit into this new chapter of your life and what’s missing for next steps.


Vitamins for a stressed immune system, Vaseline for the drier air (your nostrils will thank you; they may crack and bleed in the drier climate), and for clothes I'd look to the locals. Really, it would be a great icebreaker with your new neighbors or the barista at your new coffee spot, and you'd likely get advice that can save you money. I'm also a Florida girl, but I loathe being ill-dressed and am prone to somewhat obsessive research when traveling to foreign climates. I recommend backcountry.com for discounts on brands like Patagonia and The North Face. Most natural materials will be your best bet for warmth: wool, fleece and down (Patagonia has cruelty-free and environmentally friendly down alternatives).


Learn to love layers! Colorado weather is even crazier than Florida. It just snowed on May 21! You’ll want to invest in a good jacket and boots eventually. It’s much drier, so get a good moisturizer, lip balm and sunscreen, because you’ll burn easier there, too. Beware of nosebleeds, headaches and nausea from the altitude adjustment—and feeling like you can’t take a deep breath.


It’s easy to roll your eyes at the local ~*iNfLuEnCeRs*~ but give them a quick Instagram search for wardrobe inspo as well as clues for local boutiques, restaurants, deals, etc. Physically, they may not be able to help you as much (re: cracked, dry skin, altitude headaches, etc.), but ultimately who knows—maybe you’ll actually like not sweating from humidity, even in winter.


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