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Asking For a Friend | Chapter 45

Asking For a Friend | Chapter 45

Advice from Babe to Babe

Everyone interviews, and no one is exempt from experiencing those awful, infamous interview jitters. This week, the babes are here with all of the hype, prep, and questions to help you nail every interview — big and small. Read up, and don’t forget to submit your own questions!


I received this advice years ago, and it’s so solid: When asking questions in an interview, make sure your questions are focused on the growth and future of the organization. It shows you’re thinking long-term and are interested in a future with the company. So, “Do you see yourself taking on clients in different industries in the next few years?” “How do you see the company evolving in such-and-such areas?” You get the idea!


One of my favorite questions to ask interviewers at the end is, "Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?" That way, you can get a pretty good sense of how they're feeling about you and your qualifications for the job, and it also gives you the opportunity to readdress anything they might see as a "weakness."


I heard this advice many years ago, but only implemented it in my last interview three years ago: At the end of the interview, I point-blank asked the hiring manager if there were any concerns that would prevent me from getting the position. It was scary as hell, but it gives you the opportunity to provide a response to any concerns they do bring up, and it kind of puts them in the hot seat for a minute.


After reading it in a BWH article by Amanda Handley before I was even on the team, I always ask the question, “How do you measure success at this company?” It lets the interviewer know you’re ambitious and gives you a clear picture of whether or not your goals align with the company.



I’m actually almost in the same boat. My good friend from HR recently went to another company that’s always been my end-game, dream company, and she reached out when she got there and said “I want you here by February.” Instantly, I felt like it was jinxed, and I haven’t even interviewed yet! I’ve been distracting myself as much as possible by throwing myself into my current job (which is even more difficult, considering I’m furloughed). I also got two months free for Skillshare and started taking random courses, all as a means to distract myself that they haven’t called me yet.


Something I learned in college is that having a digital portfolio/website/resume really helps you stand out. Maybe it's different now and everyone has one, but this was literally two years ago and everyone who I interviewed with mentioned how impressed they were with my site. So, I guess that's pre-interview advice?

As for the actual interview, I'd just recommend doing insane research about the company. I impressed the hell out of my boss when I mentioned the date our (massive corporate) company was established and the city it started in. Little details like that show you reallllly do your research and are willing to go the extra mile.


Go in knowing your worth. Know what your bottom line is in terms of salary and benefits. Remember there are a lot of ways to get to that number and that perks like beer brainstorms do not equal benefits or pay. Always counter, unless they ask you to go first and give you exactly what you ask for. Ask for the growth plan for the position you're interviewing for—how will you advance at this company?



“If you showed up as a consultant at your previous company, what would you recommend changing and how would you sell the change to them?” “If you had a soundtrack to your life, what two songs would be on it, and why?” “What makes you different from all of our other qualified candidates?”


I never know how to answer, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” because I always want to say, “Um, working here in this job I’m interviewing for right now?”


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Asking for a Friend is Babes Who Hustle's weekly advice column that asks and answers the work-related questions on all of our minds. Looking for advice and guidance? Hit us with all of your questions below and stay tuned for next Wednesday's edition!

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