“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” 
― Sheryl Sandberg

BABE #293: CHRIS FIELD - Founder, Studio Physique

BABE #293: CHRIS FIELD - Founder, Studio Physique


Chris is responsible for bringing the first and only Lagree Fitness facility to St. Petersburg, FL. As the founder, owner and head trainer of Studio Physique, she handles every aspect of the company’s operations, from marketing, to training, to janitorial duties. Her past experience as a sports reporter and anchor (the first female sports anchor in the Tampa Bay television market in 1997, to be exact!) and the skills she acquired as an avid athlete give Chris an intimate understanding of how important mind and body synergy is in fitness. Her four-year-old business has created not just a space for fitness, but a genuine, uplifting and empowering community both inside and outside of the gym.

The Basics:

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Current city: St. Petersburg, Florida
Alma mater: Hanover College
Degree: Double B.A., Biology + Communications
Very first job: Lifeguard and swim team coach
Hustle: Founder, Owner & Head Trainer, Studio Physique

The Interests:

Babe you admire and why?
As a girl, I read a great deal about and admired Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. I was wired to view male-dominated fields differently and became the first female sports anchor in the Tampa Bay television market in 1997.

How do you spend your free time?
I spend my free time sitting in the bleachers at my three children’s sporting events. My two teenage sons are basketball players and my 11-year-old daughter plays volleyball, basketball and softball.

Favorite fictional female character?
Wonder Woman, of course. We all need to figure out our super powers and use them wisely.

Go-to coffee order and/or adult beverage?
Large latte with an extra shot of espresso and sugar-free caramel syrup. Sauvignon blanc or pinot gris—dry white wine is my jam.

What’s one thing you need in your gym bag?
I try to pack team spirit clothes for my children’s sporting events in my gym bag. Since Fitness is my job, I wear workout gear every day. I usually run out of time to head home and change before their afternoon or evening games.

The Hustle:

Tell us about your hustle.
I am the founder, owner and head trainer at Studio Physique. As we’re the first Lagree Fitness studio in our area, most people are not familiar with the method, so I spend a lot of time marketing. I’m constantly educating people about our exclusive low-impact, high-intensity workout on patented, spring-loaded Megaformers. Lagree is like Pilates, but with more strength training, cardio and endurance. (Think Pilates on steroids.) I manage Studio Physique, our 13 fitness trainers and correspond with hundreds of members. I also teach group fitness classes and provide most private training sessions at our facility. I’m the buyer for the Studio Physique Boutique, which carries a variety of workout gear lines. I’m also the janitor, plumber—whatever needs to be done.

What does your typical workday look like?
I start my day before 7 a.m., usually at the kitchen table computer checking correspondence via email, texts and social media. I manage class attendance, finances and social media marketing for a couple of hours before I head in to Studio Physique. I try to practice what we preach, taking at least three of our Lagree Fitness classes each week. You’ll usually see me in a few 9:30 a.m. or noon classes, unless I’m teaching. I train our private session clients mid-morning and early-afternoon. I’m managing people and schedules all day and evening long. I’m constantly organizing and promoting our next big studio event, whether it’s a monthly wellness celebration, team-building corporate class or a Friday happy hour.


Have you always been passionate about fitness?
I have always been passionate about participating in sports. My main sport was basketball; I played high school and college basketball. But my first career was in television. I was a news anchor and reporter for about a decade, when I jumped at the chance to move into sports reporting and anchoring for the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate. I was the first female sports anchor in the market and enjoyed an award-winning career for 17 years, from 1997 to 2014. At the end of my broadcasting career I had three young children who were also athletes. Working weekends and missing their sporting events was a new source of stress. I was introduced to Lagree Fitness by a former sports colleague who told me it was the hardest workout she had ever done, and I had to try it. On a trip to South Florida I tried a Lagree class and fell in love with the method. I immediately researched acquiring the licensing rights to bring Lagree to St. Pete. I’ve always been a gym person. I used to lift weights, take aerobics or Zumba group fitness classes. I’d also work in running outside, or time on the treadmill. Our Studio Physique classes combine the best of yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and cardio into one 50-minute class. You really do get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time, which is extremely valuable for our busy lives.

How have your past professional and academic experiences prepared you for the work you do today?
My professional experiences definitely help me market Studio Physique and the Lagree Fitness method. Covering elite athletes and participating in sports gives me unique  insight into how important the mind body connection is in fitness.


What’s been your biggest career milestone?
I won many awards as a news and sports anchor/reporter, but none of these mean as much to me as the community we have created at Studio Physique. Honestly, our community has been the biggest surprise to me. I expected people to come in with blinders on, do their workout and leave happy and energized. I did not expect (and am moved every day by) the genuine friendships, support and camaraderie I witness before, during and after our very challenging classes. Studio Physique has simply become a “happy place” for many new friends and neighbors. Approaching our Studio Physique four-year anniversary, our strong community is by far the biggest milestone of my career.

How has being a woman affected your professional experience?
I learned early on I would have to work much harder than my male sports broadcasting peers to be taken seriously and to build credibility. The work ethic I developed in broadcasting serves me well in fitness. I thought being a female-owned business would open doors for financing and investors, but I have not seen any benefit. I would like to see more financing established for women to launch their own business.


Do you have any advice or tips for babes who struggle to balance their careers and wellness?
You cannot pour from an empty tank. Self-care is vital to taking care of your career and family. You must refuel. Make that appointment for a workout, or massage or facial—and keep it! 

Career and/or life advice for other babes?
Work hard, play hard. (I do need to follow my own advice and try to take more vacations.)

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This interview has been condensed and edited.

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